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Why metal silicon powder can be widely used
Source: | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2022-11-03 | 1212 Views | Share:

We all know that metal silicon powder is often used as refractory in industry and is an important raw material in metallurgical industry. We can effectively improve the performance of smelting products by adding appropriate silicon powder in steelmaking and cast iron, so that they can play a greater role in value. In recent years, our mining and R&D of industrial raw materials are also making continuous progress.

In addition to being commonly used as refractory, metal silicon powder can also be used in the synthesis process of organic silicon polymer, such as the production of silicone oil, silicone rubber, etc., which requires the addition of an appropriate amount of silicon powder. In the chemical industry of China, it can help to improve the high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and waterproof performance of products.

The main component of metal silicon powder is silicon. In addition to being used as refractory, it can also be used as reductant in industry, which shows that it plays different roles in different reactions. At the same time, it indirectly reflects that its practical scope is relatively broad.

Silicon products used in industry can be divided into many forms. We should learn to choose appropriate raw materials for different chemical reactions. We produce refractory materials with multiple specifications. At the same time, we also have considerable advantages in price, meeting the choices of many enterprises. Welcome to call us for consultation.