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Introduction to the preparation method and application range of metal silicon powder
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Metallurgical industry is a major industry in the industrial industry, and our common metallurgical materials are also diverse. With the improvement of industrial technology, some metal elements can get binary alloy and multi-element alloy materials through special processing, which better ensures the normal progress of the metallurgical industry. Metal silicon powder is a common metallurgical material, so it is called metal silicon powder mainly because it is not a simple substance, but also has many impurities.

As we all know, metal silicon powder is made by grinding metal silicon, and its main use is the additive of non-ferrous alloys. Metallic silicon is a product made by smelting timely and coke in electric furnace. The content of silicon, the main component, is about 98%, and the remaining impurities are iron, aluminum, calcium, etc. According to the content of iron, aluminum and calcium in metal silicon, metal silicon can be divided into many different brands. In addition, metal silicon has many additional industries. It is insoluble in acid and soluble in alkali at room temperature, and has semiconductor properties.

In a word, the practicability of metal silicon powder is very good, and its use is relatively wide, thus meeting the industrial production and development. As a producer of metallurgical materials, our company produces metallurgical products with good quality and reliable product quality, and also has greater advantages in price. If you are interested in learning more about the relevant products, please call us directly. We sincerely provide you with a variety of service needs.