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Analysis of metal silicon commencement and output in Yunnan in October
Source: | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2022-11-03 | 1702 Views | Share:

Ferroalloy family: According to incomplete statistics on the website, 96 of 136 silicon metal submerged arc furnaces have been put into operation in Yunnan so far, with 3 units of production reduction on a month on month basis. The operating rate is about 70.59%, with a month on month reduction of 2.20%. The production capacity is about 84250 tons, with a capacity release of 73.84%. The monthly expected output of silicon metal is 75360 tons, with a month on month reduction of 10040 tons.

In October, the energy efficiency management of metal silicon smelting furnaces in Yunnan continued to be implemented, but it was relieved by the end of the month. Some furnaces were abnormal, and the output decreased. Nujiang Prefecture will carry out circuit rectification next month, and the number of units under construction will remain 3-4. The policy of Dehong Prefecture on energy consumption management in the later period has not been clarified, and Baoshan Prefecture has not yet issued specific documents. Some metal silicon factories in Yunnan are shipping normally, while some are reluctant to sell. The overall market quotation is chaotic. It is expected that the metal silicon operating rate in Yunnan will continue to decrease next month.