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Recruiting salesman
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Recruiting salesman

Job requirements:

1: Bachelor degree or above, major in English, Japanese, international trade, etc.

2: English level 6 or above, can be used skillfully.

3: At least one year experience in foreign trade business.

4: Outgoing personality, strong sense of responsibility, careful and patient.

Job responsibilities:

1: Maintain regular customers and respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner. Deal with daily emails and communicate with customers on relevant issues.

2: Do a good job in the development and maintenance of new customers, quotation reply, contract placement, order follow-up, document service, customer complaint handling, etc.

3: Develop new products and find new products and suppliers according to customer and market demands.

4: Attend domestic and international exhibitions, investigate and feed back the latest market and customer information.

Location: C2, Wanda Office Building, Huli District, Xiamen